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BioD Partners, Inc. is pioneering human-driven, machine-empowered, and biologically inspired consultancy services. We help our clients and collaborators face their toughest business and societal challenges using state-of-the-art hybrid technologies, bio-simulations, and a deeply established, multi-disciplinary approach to consultancy.


BioD Partners, Inc.’s global and adaptable capabilities are the result of the high caliber, dexterity, and devotion of its solid team of experts in multi-disciplinary consultancy, disruption, management, sciences, tech, engineering, healthcare, arts, the humanities, and more. Our support departments serve a broad spectrum of international private, public, and non-profit organizations. Furthermore, through its global network of collaborating and partnering companies, BioD Partners, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide an unprecedented holistic perspective, and a cutting-edge set of solutions to answer the most demanding modern challenges in consultancy.


BioD Partners, Inc. uses a revolutionary artificial intelligence core, with two main constituent classes: the human, and global hyper-geometric project spaces. This core constitutes a quantum leap in business tools and methodologies, and is designed to factor-in the complexities of the human element, as well as their interactions with the surrounding natural and synthetic worlds. The output is a staggering service, with real-time and/or on-demand interactive solution components.

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